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COURSE: "How to Sell" for Authors 

As authors, we've learned at conferences and in workshops that we must market and sell our books. The problem is, no one teaches us how to SELL. 

Until now.

Think about it: professional salespeople go to expensive seminars and classes to learn how to SELL. Don't authors need to know how to sell their products, too?

When I started trying to sell my first book, I realized I did not know how to sell things. I could talk about my books. I could tell people about them. But I wasn't SELLING many. How do salespeople do this? How do they talk about their products in a way that causes people to want to buy? How do they close a deal? I didn't know.

So I went to work to learn how to SELL. I studied. A lot. 

Now I want to share what I learned with you. Authors can apply the same sales techniques to our books (our products) that sell every other product. Once you know what sells products, it's not that hard to apply it to our books.

In this course you will learn:

  • 3 things that sell

  • To identify these 3 things in magazines, newspapers, and mailers -- and learn from them.

  • To recognize these 3 things in radio and television ads -- and learn from them.

  • And more...

You will use what you learn to:

  • Write a short ad copy for your book

  • Write a longer ad copy for your book

  • Write an Advertorial Article

  • And more...

Because I want everyone to be able to take advantage of this course, you'll find it for only $9.99! Or Preview it for FREE! Check it out now: 

"How to Sell" for Authors

Affordable at Only $9.99!
Because you need to know how to SELL your book.
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