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This is my nonfiction page. Some of my nonfiction books are now out of print by the publisher. However I am working to get them back in print. Would you like to follow me on this journey? Then please join my nonfiction newsletter here: 

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"Christmas Dreams"

A Bible Christmas story trivia quiz, study, and word search game. 

Deliver Me Front Cover - Copy for


Unplanned pregnancy? Now? Or in your past? You are not alone. 

Unplanned pregnancies affect women, men, families, and even friends -- everyone associated with the couple.

Women fear an unknown future. Loved ones often fear her decision about the outcome of her pregnancy.

Now you can get help from others who have been there. Through this collection of 50+ true stories shared by women and men who have lived through unplanned pregnancies, see what they chose, how it affected them, and how it all turned out. 

Uplifting. Encouraging. Enlightening. 

Deliver Me offers practical help, valuable resources, and well-researched facts.

For you, Lord, have delivered me from death,
    my eyes from tears,
    my feet from stumbling,
  that I may walk before the Lord
    in the land of the living.

                                        Psalm 116:8-9, NIV

Full of HOPE!  This book is full of hope, practical advice, and valuable referrals. It's well-written by many writers and expertly compiled by a proven professional - Dianne E. Butts. This would make a great gift for young and old alike.

 5-Star Amazon review 

"Deliver Me" will rock your world!  Dianne E. Butts has compiled a much needed and encouraging book. Nearly every story I read I thought "this is my favorite" and then there would be another one that stole my heart.

 5-Star Amazon review

Good Medicine: Hope, Help and Healing  Do you know someone who has been touched by unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? I was not sure this topic would interest me, but then I recalled friends who had been in that situation. Once I started reading, I was hooked.

 5-Star Amazon review

Excellent, inspiring book  I've just read Deliver Me: Hope, Help, and Healing through True Stories of Unplanned Pregnancy by Dianne E. Butts. I have to say this truly was a book near and dear to my heart as I had an unplanned teen pregnancy myself. I could completely relate to many of the stories contained in the book and it reminded me of where I've been and how far I've come with Christ in my life. The stories in Deliver Me are compelling, emotional, and very touching.

 5-Star Amazon review




When you've lost a loved one. . .
When you question if God exists. . .
When you wonder how you can know. . .


Read Dear America and . . .

   • Learn Ten Things About Grief
   • Understand the Bible like a five-act story.
   • Get intriguing Answers to Questions including:
             How can we know whose religion is true?
             Who are the Muslims?
             Where did the religion of Islam come from?
             Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?
             Was the Attack on America part of the "End Times"?
   • Get ten practical tips to help begin reading and understanding the Bible.

Currently out of print, but watch for revised versions!